Month: September 2017

The Location And Climate Of The Cayman Islands

Whether it’s in reference to a bank account, a vacation, or the secret base of a supervillain, the Cayman Islands are synonymous with wealth and flamboyance. If you’re wealthy enough to be connected with the Cayman Islands, then you’re wealthy enough to live in luxury. Everyone knows that.

Not as many people know where the Cayman Islands actually are. Nor do they know that it’s fairly easy to book a Cayman Island vacation if you’re willing to shop around a bit.

Where Are The Cayman Islands?

In simple terms, the Cayman Islands are located to the south of Cuba. It’s one of the several tropical islands that occupy that area. It’s referred to as the Western Caribean Zone, for those who appreciate geography.

Of course, when people ask “where are the Caymans”, they’re usually asking “why would I want to take a vacation in the Cayman Islands?” This is a much different question and deserves a much more specific answer. Because the Cayman Islands really are a gorgeous tropical paradise. How gorgeous? And how tropical is tropical?

Well, the Cayman Islands are in the same area of the world as Jamacia, as well as Costa Rica. Both of these places are well known tropical paradises.However, there are some downsides to vacations in this part of the world.

Things To Consider For A Cayman Island Vacation

Because of its geographical location, the Cayman Islands have a wet/dry tropical climate. This means they have a wet season. And their wet season is incredibly wet. It rains on average around 56.2 inches per year, which is a mind-boggling amount.

So if you want to avoid the rains, you’ll need to avoid the wet season. That starts in the month of May and doesn’t end until October. That may sound like you’d miss all of the best vacation days, but that is not the case!

Because of the climate of the Cayman Islands, there’s almost no change in overall temperature throughout the year. The only difference is whether there’s heavy rainfall or not. When you consider that flights are cheaper during months like January and February, that makes the winter the perfect time to head out to a tropical paradise!

The plain and simple truth is that the Cayman Islands are so much more than just another set of tropical islands. They have a rich geography all their own. But that rich geography certainly makes it a fantastic vacation spot!